Machinery for paper & converting industry


Quattrotec slitting winder is designed for rewinding and slitting. Rewinder roll quality is optimized with automation control system. Quattrotec slitting winder S1600-3300 design is always customized with customer to fulfill all demands in every case. Different designs for paper, board, air laid paper, PE-coated materials, Alu-laminates etc.  


  • Speed up to 1800 m/min
  • Web Width up to 3300mm
  • Rewind end max dia 2100mm
  • Unwinder max dia 2100mm
  • Soft drum technology
  • Min slitting width 50mm
  • Rider roll controlled with control system
  • Drum torque control
  • Web tension control
  • Automatic sequences
  • Drives – SIEMENS, ABB Defined with customer
  • Graphical HMI System
  • Cutting and glueing
  • Core feeding


Quattrotec Slitting winder QB1600-2000 is designed for extra small width cuttings, design aims to easy change together with turret model rewind section and automatic cutting and gluing.


  • Speed up to 1000m/min
  • Width max 2000mm
  • Rewind dia max 900m
  • Unwind dia max 2000mm
  • Controller controlled web tension
  • Automatic sequences
  • Drives – SIEMENS, ABB Defined with customer
  • Graphical HMI System
  • Automatic Cutting and Glueing system
  • Automatic


  • Upgrading old machinery to modern technology
  • Latest Automation and Drive Technology


  • Turret Unwinds for Converting Lines, printing lines
    • Automatic or semiautomatic Flying Splice
    • Electrical or mechanical brake system
    • Splicing direction change without cutting the web
  • Single Unwinds
    • Typical solution for Slitter Winders, Sheet cutters etc.
    • Strong mechanical structure
    • Electrical or mechanical brake system
  • Unwinds for Special applications
    • For Mineral Wool Industry
    • Pilot machines



  • Pope- or Turret-type rewinds
  • For wide range of materials
  • Pope–type Rewind (Reeler)
  • Typical for Converting machines like Extrusion Coating and Lamination
  • Center-Driven Turret Winders
  • For  30-400gsm paper, boards, paper laminates, coated papers, Alu-laminates
  • Can be operated with contact or contactless winding
  • Typically designed  for gentle and softer winding
  • For papers from 30gsm to 500gsm Board

Taylor made packaging & reel handling solutions


  • Automation according to customer needs
  • Reel packaging
  • Paper based packaging
  • Film packaging
  • Manipulation
  • Robotics
  • Palletizing
  • Strapping systems
  • Conveying systems
  • Reel conveying wagons (semi- AGVs)

Unwinds for Heat Sealing Systems for Mineral Wool industry


  • Custom made solutions
  • Width up to 1300mm 
  • Latest Automation and drive technology